Lizzie H.


In the past, I have always been overwhelmed by a nutrition change – not knowing really what to eat, counting calories became tiresome, and the weight loss goals were too large to do at once. With Adaptive, they helped break down the changes and the goals into smaller, more obtainable objectives so that I could incorporate them into my life in a less overwhelming manner and, in turn, create habits.

They helped me build a knowledge base that not only guides meal prepping but also aids in better decision-making in the “real world." Knowing that life just gets in the way sometimes, all of the coaches and community never looked down on me for veering off the path but constantly encouraged me to stick with it, get right back on track, and helped me figure out how to make better decisions the next time.

As I began to incorporate the changes, I began achieving benchmark goals. I began to see results not just in my physical appearance or how my clothes fit but also in my workouts; they began to feel better, more efficient, and more productive. I started hitting PRs left and right, and even making a leader board or two.

I still have a long way to go to get where I want to be, but I couldn’t be more ecstatic about my progress so far. It’s been amazing to see what more my body can do with a few tweaks, and I absolutely cannot wait to continue and see what else it has in store.

Kia Wright