Katelyn O.

I had the opportunity to begin working with Erin and the Adaptive Nutrition Program during a very unique period in my life: 7 weeks pregnant!

While most women experience nausea during their first trimester, I was lucky and had none of this. What I did experience was a loss of appetite and of course, exhaustion. What I was most pleased to find is that Erin really tailored this program to me. Instead of focusing on cutting calories or food groups we focused on providing my body and my new child with as many nutrient rich foods as possible. Erin gave me coping mechanisms for cravings or food diversions. She also was able to provide me with great ideas of how to eat something even when I wasn’t hungry.

She also encouraged me to continue to stay active throughout my pregnancy. This can be done through scaling progressions that would change throughout my upcoming trimesters. My biggest takeaway from our time together, while it may sound obvious, is that despite what people tell you, you are NOT eating for two and you really should NOT be eating anything you want. Instead, this is a time to be conscious about what fuel you are providing yourself and your child to prepare for a successful birth.

Kia Wright