John M.

With so much information on diets / nutrition, it can be overwhelming and hard to know what the best practices are. I thought that I ate relative healthy, but never considered how much more there is to being healthy than making sure I have veggies at every meal. Adaptive Nutrition was the perfect program for me. I loved the accountability, the challenge of sticking with it, and how in-depth it was. For example, it is easy to tell someone when to eat fats and how much to have at each meal, but the thoroughness and emphasis on “why” is a great way to set someone up for continued success after the six weeks

One of the biggest changes came from focusing on sleep quality. I never cared about how many hours I was getting, but the last couple weeks when I increased my sleep, it was amazing how much better I felt and how much quicker I felt like my body was recovering. 

Tyler was great – he was always available to answer questions (no matter how ridiculous they may have been). His passion and knowledge of the subject matter motivated me to continue to follow it strictly. I highly recommend this program – the results within the six weeks are great, and using the app enables someone to continue to improve!

Kia Wright