Joel C.

My experience with Adaptive Nutrition was pretty much transformative. My grandma’s lifetime dream of getting me to eat more vegetables finally became reality! By eliminating junky foods and focusing on easy protein/carb/veggies meals, my body seems to have adapted - appropriately enough - to crave Adaptive Butrition meals while completely losing my taste for junk. For me, it’s kind of revolutionary to find my taste for pizza was essentially replaced by a taste for carrots.

The program’s focus on simple food made it all very easy. Kia’s coaching was straightforward and effective. More often than not, she answered my questions before I could even ask them during our weekly discussions. For my money, the program’s effectiveness exists in part on mastering the logistics of simple but ideal daily food prep. Kia had lots of helpful advice for that and even recipes to help master those things. The meal plan app also makes things almost ridiculously easy. My goal was to get leaner but even with that goal in mind, I never felt like my workout energy level suffered one bit. Two thumbs up out of five stars! (what?)

Kia Wright