Maddie M.

I was very hesitant initially to try this program, because the meal plan included meat for every single meal including breakfast and I am not a big meat eater. I occasionally eat meat, every so often - maybe one meal on a weekend at most. But I decided to give it a shot, and just not worry about substituting - and it was the best decision ever. Lean turkey/chicken sausage along with oatmeal and berries has become my favorite and go-to breakfast! I thought I would feel gross or gain weight by eating that much meat, but I have never felt better by being on the Adaptive plan. In fact it was all the other stuff that was making me feel gross and bloated - like legumes, dairy and gluten - and processed food in general. Eliminating these food groups, and eating lean meat for my protein for every meal (along with the other macros) really helped me get lean and more importantly feeling great!

Loved how easy it was to adopt and be consistent with. No other diet/nutrition program/work out plan has helped me lose my belly pooch as effectively as Adaptive!

Do it! You will never have to bother with a diet or a juice cleanse again! Look better, feel even better.

Brian M.

I’m in healthcare and work with patients every day and thought I knew a lot about nutrition. I thought I was eating well but “indulged occasionally.” I blinked and I’m now in my forties and when I finally hopped on a scale I was pretty upset to see I gained around 25 pounds. Whatever I thought I knew was obviously wrong, so I figured I needed a different perspective and asked Tyler from Adaptive Nutrition for some help. 

Their directions were very straightforward, but I just had to put them into action.  They were so comprehensive as well, looking into my sleep patterns, stress levels, and so many different factors that I never really thought would mean much for controlling my weight.  I loved their app which helped direct me from meal to meal and it helped me track my progress. 

I started on Halloween and at this point I’ve lost 22 pounds and it couldn’t have been easier. Just following their plan helped instill new habits regarding portion sizes and when to eat what throughout the day, that I’m not at all worried about keeping the weight off. I know I can stay here for good and even plan to take off a bit more after the holidays.

I can’t recommend the program more. Just make the decision and start today. Thanks so much Tyler!”


Vatsal A.

These last two months, I have felt energy i have not felt in a very long time. Oddly, I began the challenge thinking the reason I wanted to do it was to lose a little weight (10 pounds was the goal). While I have lost 4-5 pounds since the start, I have found that the results I received that I now cherish the most have very little to do with the number of pounds I have lost.  

At the beginning it was pretty hard for me to eat as much as the program told me to. Now two months in, I find myself starving every 3-4 hours. And all my body wants is the lean meats and clean fuel that you guys have laid out. I have no cravings for any unhealthy or unproductive foods. I have what I call a natural high from the energy that exists all day throughout the day when I follow the plan. My workout results have been the best I've seen since I started CrossFit 5 and half years ago. Which is crazy to think - I can do more now at the age of 37 than I could do at the age of 31 when I started. One of my goals this year was to finish all five Open workouts injury free and all of them Rx. Not only did I do that, but I achieved results and finished at scores I never thought would be possible for me...as a former competitive athlete that is very satisfying at my age. I am leaner, never bloated, always focused, and feel amazing.

But all that said, the most important part to me is the energy I now have to focus on my kids after a long days of waking up early every morning, working out, and running my business all day. While I did this before, I clearly feel and see the difference in the focus and energy I have now throughout and at the end of the day.

Thanks again. I can't see myself changing from this lifestyle that simply started with a 6-week commitment. Your devotion to helping people live healthier lives is needed and appreciated in this world.

Laurie M.

After years of failed experiments with my nutrition (working out daily, yet not seeing the results), I decided I needed some help. I thought I was eating pretty well, but I now realize that just wasn’t the case. Tyler customized a plan that worked for me and my schedule and has truly transformed my life. My workouts are easier, my clothes are fitting better, and my battle with digestive issues has been won. I am confident that I will never go back to the way I was eating before as I now know how to fuel my body properly.

Best part of the coaching program is the support and accountability. Having someone check in with you daily/weekly was key for me. In the past, I have started programs and given up so quickly because I wasn’t certain I was on the right track. The constant assurance is incredibly helpful. 

It is worth every penny. Best investment in your health you will ever make!

Megan K.

Fitness has always been a big part of my life. However, I’d spend hours at the gym then go home and eat whatever I wanted because "I deserved it." I just kind of accepted that I’d never be super lean and where I was, was as good as it was going to get. One of the biggest things I’ve taken away from adaptive is how much food affects your body and done right, it can very much work in your favor. Not only do I feel leaner and healthier than I’ve ever been but I feel STRONG. This way of eating is no longer a temporary meal plan for me but a lifestyle. I can’t wait to see where it takes me!


Kelsey B.

Before I began the program I couldn't seem to get my nutrition in order enough to get any more weight off consistently and I basically hovered around 185 lbs at best. I was pretty lost and gave in to possibly sustaining weight as well as possible.

Upon starting the program my weight dropped fast and my nutritional learning curve turned very sharply. Since we took a very militant approach to food prep it made eating per the plan extremely easy and the food was what I already loved. I'm a natural tinkerer so I did add some foods here and there to see what my body reacted to.

It was a great learning process and a great approach to nutrition that I hadn't even thought about. I was attracted to the ability to balance my intake with the results desired. Results were critical for me as I've not seen results like this since I was 20 years old and had a hell of a lot better metabolism. I'm leaner now than I've been since that time and my health has benefited from the program as well. I've PR'd back to back half marathons and I'm more able and light than I've felt in a very long time. Not to mention it's a great confidence builder!

It always helps when you have support and my wife who got me started on the program has been awesome! I can't thank the team at Adaptive Nutrition enough for the support and expertise they have and still do provide while I work to achieve some very personal goals!


Megan E.

I wanted to start a program that was easy to follow and didn't require me to eat a bunch of foods that were difficult to prepare. I wanted to follow a program that would be easy to follow after my first 6 weeks were over and I feel that Adaptive Nutrition was the perfect program for me. It is not full of complicated recipes but instead focuses on eating the right foods at the right time of day. This has helped me to improve in the gym and maintain better focus during the day. The biggest outcome so far that I have seen in how I feel everyday. Before my stomach was hurting constantly and having frequent headaches but that has since declined.

I had a lot of excuses before I started and this program as changed my life and the way I think about food. The app is amazing and can help make the process easier. I have been blown away by how much energy I have and how much better I feel in each workout. This has been a truly amazing experience.

Logan F.

What would you tell someone considering working with Adaptive Nutrition? DO IT! Seriously. I had every doubt, every excuse when it came to losing the weight. The idea of spending [this much] on a program I wasn't sure I could stick with was scary. Looking back, [the cost] now seems like pennies compared to how this program changed my life. I not only lost 14 or more lbs in 6 weeks, but I feel as though I  gained knowledge on how to continue living this healthy lifestyle. For once, I don't feel as though I am going to gain it all back after the program is over. 

I saw the scale going down, but it wasn't until about week 5 where I began seeing a difference in pictures, and feeling the difference in the way my clothes fit. SO EXCITING! 

I honestly can't think of anything you could have done better. You were fantastic Kia! The app is AMAZING. Definitely two thumbs up on the ease of the nutrition app.


Bill C.

To me working with a coach provided the expertise, accountability and guidance to help educate me in the shortest time possible. Like the three legged stool analogy if I had only used the application out of the gate without coaching I don’t believe my results would have been as fast and dramatic.

We were headed to the beach in six weeks and while we work out hard our work outs were not delivering everything we wanted. With the mental fog lifted and increased energy kicking in our eyes were opened beyond the body composition improvement hopes. At that point we saw the program as continuing education and not a six week challenge.

For me I have been a bit oblivious that food has such a tremendous power to deliver performance both mentally and physically. If it was in a pill that you popped five times a day you might pay a lot of money for that. But food is also about pleasure so it’s more difficult for most of us to work up the courage to change the way we eat. I like doing whatever I want. But what do you really want?


Tracy M.

Adaptive Nutrition will be a way of life for Bill & I now. The results we achieved in 6 weeks were astounding. I came into this skeptical as I worried that my age wouldn’t lend the same results as the photos of your younger crowd but I was more than wrong in that belief. Not only did shed 13 pounds and improve my body composition, it allowed me to come off the small dosage of blood pressure I had been on for the past year (I cried when I filled that prescription and jumped for joy when I canceled the refill). Thank you for the coaching and friendship through the process.

Amy G.

Adaptive Nutrition has brought me closer to happiness and normalcy than any other approach I have attempted. Over a year ago, I was diagnosed with IBS and my ability to function normally drastically decreased. I could no longer participate in CrossFit, social outings became a source of anxiety and I was always fatigued. While I was not a typical client, Adaptive Nutrition took me on anyways and worked with me to alleviate symptoms, decrease fatigue, and set personal records in CrossFit. Tyler was very compassionate and understanding towards the struggles I was facing. Not only did he address my IBS symptoms but also gave me the tools to beat my depression. This program has exceeded my expectations. I could not be more excited about the results I have seen. I would absolutely recommend Adaptive Nutrition to anyone looking to make a positive change in their lifestyle.  

Karla A.

I would HIGHLY recommend [the program] (and have been doing so every time someone asks what I'm doing). [My biggest aha moment during the challenge was a] surge of energy mid-workout during week 4. I was completely shocked! I am just blown away with how different (better!) I feel.

Adam N.

[What would you tell someone considering working with an Adaptive Nutrition coach?] Go ahead and do it. If you’re considering it, you probably need it. Actually, I think everyone could get something out of it, and it’s an education that I wish I had much earlier in life. If you just do what you’re told to do, you’ll see results quickly. Mine started happening in like two days, that really surprised me. I think people in the connected world have grown to expect instant gratification. This was definitely the fastest I’ve ever started seeing changes from changing the way I eat and working out more. It’s also not a diet, or a challenge, or a temporary thing. You learn it as a way to just live your life, in a healthier way.

I couldn’t believe how fast I saw pretty good amount of change. I was very surprised too at how easy it is to follow, and that once you get used to it…you really you can just continue it as an ongoing daily thing…easy. [Adaptive Nutrition] has made it easy to follow and just stick with it. 

Mike Q.

It is a great way to learn about how much you should be eating during non-training days and training days. I learned how to maintain my nutrition so that I could benefit inside and outside the gym.

I think the biggest thing I learned from this program was how important sleep was to my health and progress. Getting the good sleep helped me understand the benefits and importance of proper nutrition. I also learned about how to time my meals correctly and so that I wouldn't be hungry, while still maintaining good eating habits. I think it was a great introduction of how to properly correct your nutrition. It taught me that building good habits doesn't have to be drastic or difficult.

Jo El-Aya

It’s never the perfect time – I wanted to sign up for Adaptive for quite some time. I waited until what I thought was the ideal time for me. But as time passed, I began to feel there was never going to be a right time. When I signed up, I was working 16 hour or 24 hour call shifts once a week in addition to a full week of shifts in residency, studying for boards, had a vacation planned with a group of friends, and I moved out of state. If you think you don’t have the time or this isn’t the right time for you, then you’ll never accomplish anything. Just sign up for Adaptive and see how it changes your life. You won’t regret it. You’ll end surprising yourself.

GERD, nausea, fatigue – I had attributed being tired, taking daily naps, and intermittent nausea to working odd hours and working a lot. I had uncontrollable acid reflux, and struggled sleeping because of persistent coughing in the
evenings. I took medications, but never felt anything actually helped. I didn’t feel good about myself due to a full schedule that didn’t allow the time to CrossFit or eat well. I just overall felt crummy. Now I don’t take medication for nausea or acid reflux, I am sleeping well, and no longer take naps after every work shift.

The best part of working with Tyler was that I felt I could reach out to him with my concerns relate to my work schedule or traveling, and I knew he could come up with a resolution specifically for me.

I will continue eating as if I was still doing Adaptive, even after completing my 6 weeks, because I feel like it’s a long-term way to eat rather than something I could only do for a short period of time. Unlike other programs, the method Adaptive teaching is actually sustainable.


Ryan B.

Prior to my current career, I was a trainer for over 11 years. We were always taught calories in, calories out as long you balanced your macronutrients for each meal. I always knew there was more to the equation. Using Adaptive Nutrition has given me the tools to identify what foods make feel great and what foods cause negative reactions such as inflammation. The process is simple and easy to follow which allows to stay compliant and not deviate from the program.

The program will get you great results, but you have to stay committed. The hardest part for me was the first two weeks. This is when I was trying cut my sugar addiction. If you have the same problem be strong talk to your coach and if you push through it...you'll start to feel fantastic and have great progress in your workouts.


Sara W.

I really don't think I could do a program like this without a coach to get me started. Helped keep me accountable and helped me make good decisions (even when traveling!). I think my biggest take away was really that I *finally* know how to lose weight. I tried so much other random stuff before, and you guys really helped me cut through all the nonsense out there and helped me figure out what was right for my body. Who knew it was as simple as meal prep and simple foods. I thought the "no recipes" thing was so weird at first, but it is actually so freeing! And you saw my meals, sometimes I added some flair to make it a little more fun.


Luke G.

I feel I have a much better understanding on how to approach nutrition and the different factors that can impact my overall success. Thank you for everything!


John M.

With so much information on diets / nutrition, it can be overwhelming and hard to know what the best practices are. I thought that I ate relative healthy, but never considered how much more there is to being healthy than making sure I have veggies at every meal. Adaptive Nutrition was the perfect program for me. I loved the accountability, the challenge of sticking with it, and how in-depth it was. For example, it is easy to tell someone when to eat fats and how much to have at each meal, but the thoroughness and emphasis on “why” is a great way to set someone up for continued success after the six weeks

One of the biggest changes came from focusing on sleep quality. I never cared about how many hours I was getting, but the last couple weeks when I increased my sleep, it was amazing how much better I felt and how much quicker I felt like my body was recovering. 

Tyler was great – he was always available to answer questions (no matter how ridiculous they may have been). His passion and knowledge of the subject matter motivated me to continue to follow it strictly. I highly recommend this program – the results within the six weeks are great, and using the app enables someone to continue to improve!


Jessica I.

I'm so happy I went through this six weeks with Kia! I feel like it's just the beginning of a lifetime of learning about using food to meet my goals. Kia went above and beyond in answering my questions and I got so much more out of it than just nutrition instruction. I've learned so much from her and I'm grateful for all the time she gave me!

Consider your level of commitment seriously. You will only get out of the program what you're willing to put into it. Journal your food. Journal your progress. Ask your coaches questions and do everything they tell you. It's worth every dollar. The program was so simple and clearly outlined every week.

A true leader (one who is worth following) is the one who has the determination to incorporate the principles they teach into their own lives. As the saying goes, they practice what they preach. I began working with Kia shortly after joining CrossFit 214. After six weeks of seeing her in the gym and talking to her everyday, I can say without a doubt she is a woman worth following. When you think you're working really hard on your nutrition and your gym goals, Kia is the one you look at to find the inspiration to push yourself harder. She's consistently digging deeper and working for excellence in everything she does. The most beautiful thing about it is that she has a way of helping others pull that excellence out in themselves. Having her support and encouragement has changed my lifestyle in so many ways. There are endless opinions on nutrition and fitness out there which makes it feel like you're caught in a whirlwind when you're trying to nail down your own routine. Kia has a wonderful way of simplifying things from day one and easing you into your own regimen. Testing anything on your body takes consistency and discipline. The coaches you'll be working with at Adaptive Nutrition are BEST at that! You won't be disappointed with your results!


Shea P.

Adaptive Nutrition has developed a proven methodology to help you understand food. Kia does a great job of monitoring real results and making modifications when needed. They are extremely supportive throughout the entire process.

Erin P.

I have never had this much success until I started working with Kia. The program was easy to follow. I felt like I was able to see my results quickly. I had a great experience with Adaptive Nutrition.

Dana H.

Adaptive Nutrition changed my relationship with food. I wish I had this knowledge in my twenties. Creeping ever closer to 40, I found that I was having to work twice as hard to produce the same mediocre results. I'd always heard that results are 80% what you eat and 20% what you do in the gym. I figured it was time to get my nutrition in check.

My coach, Tyler, explained what we were doing and why. The accountability was key for the first few weeks as I detoxed from my bad eating habits. Soon I noticed a change in my energy levels, alertness, and food cravings. My sugar craving was replaced with a mouth-watering desire for vegetables. Over the next few weeks, as I dropped weight, my well being increased dramatically. I slept better, had more energy, and several nagging health issues virtually disappeared.

I learned how the food I ate fueled my mood and health. After a week or two the meal prep became easy and I found myself spending less at the store. I highly recommend Adaptive Nutrition. It is one of the best decisions I've made.

Lizzie H.

In the past, I have always been overwhelmed by a nutrition change – not knowing really what to eat, counting calories became tiresome, and the weight loss goals were too large to do at once. With Adaptive, they helped break down the changes and the goals into smaller, more obtainable objectives so that I could incorporate them into my life in a less overwhelming manner and, in turn, create habits. They helped me build a knowledge base that not only guides meal prepping but also aids in better decision-making in the “real world." Knowing that life just gets in the way sometimes, all of the coaches and community never looked down on me for veering off the path but constantly encouraged me to stick with it, get right back on track, and helped me figure out how to make better decisions the next time.

As I began to incorporate the changes, I began achieving benchmark goals. I began to see results not just in my physical appearance or how my clothes fit but also in my workouts; they began to feel better, more efficient, and more productive. I started hitting PRs left and right, and even making a leader board or two. I still have a long way to go to get where I want to be, but I couldn’t be more ecstatic about my progress so far. It’s been amazing to see what more my body can do with a few tweaks, and I absolutely cannot wait to continue and see what else it has in store. Looking forward to getting off maintenance and starting round 2!

Kim L.

This process has been unbelievably easy! I went in with an open mind, but I was worried the journey was going to be tough and challenging.

I feel like my relationship with food is so different today than it was when I started this program. I have learned that your body needs good quality fuel to keep the progress forward! The PRs in the gym are another huge added benefit.

John L.

I have been on this fitness journey fairly steady for the last 2.5 years. I have been off and on trying to stay active for the last 5-6 years. I am a dad of two young girls, a husband, and have a full time job. Kim and I do this together and are trying to teach our kids good healthy habits and how to eat clean. CrossFit is the one thing I have been able to stick to. I have tried all different kinds of meal plans and I think several different types have their place. This one is real and it's easy to follow. No one is perfect and I am on 85% of the time. I did the meal plan first because I was skeptical to make an investment in the coaching. I thought, I already meal prepped, I knew the basics, but I just need to know what amounts to eat to get dialed in. I saw results in just one week following the meal plan and that sold me on the coaching.

The support provided by the Adaptive Nutrition team was amazing. It did help to answer many questions, provide variety, and getting my blood work would never have happened more than likely. This meal plan is not a fad diet - it’s not even a "diet" - it's a way of life, or lifestyle change. If you fall off the bike just get back on. No one can be perfect with their meal planning all the time.

Joel C.

My experience with Adaptive Nutrition was pretty much transformative. My grandma’s lifetime dream of getting me to eat more vegetables finally became reality! By eliminating junky foods and focusing on easy protein/carb/veggies meals, my body seems to have adapted -- appropriately enough -- to crave adaptive nutrition meals while completely losing my taste for junk. For me, it’s kind of revolutionary to find my taste for pizza was essentially replaced by a taste for carrots.

The program’s focus on simple food made it all very easy. Kia’s coaching was straightforward and effective. More often than not, she answered my questions before I could even ask them during our weekly discussions. For my money, the program’s effectiveness exists in part on mastering the logistics of simple but ideal daily food prep. Kia had lots of helpful advice for that and even recipes to help master those things. The meal plan app also makes things almost ridiculously easy. My goal was to get leaner but even with that goal in mind, I never felt like my workout energy level suffered one bit. Two thumbs up out of five stars! (what?)

Meghan M.

Throughout the program, my biggest take away was how eating appropriately fuels the activities I do. I noticed a huge improvement to how I felt in the gym - I definitely felt stronger and like I had more endurance during work outs, and I was able to see that benefit to convince myself to continue prepping meals and eating appropriately. 


Chris G.

Adaptive Nutrition is awesome! These guys cut through all the garbage out there and give you the facts. Their program works, and their knowledge is outstanding. It's simple - it's all about food quality, meal composition, and your level of commitment. I learned more than I expected and have now created eating habits that support a healthier lifestyle. My energy level is great, I dropped more weight than I thought I would, and I feel confident I have the right knowledge to manage my nutrition on my own going forward. I'm playing the long game, and this feels very sustainable.
The biggest surprise for me was how simple the formula really is. You can easily get lost in all the information out there - fad diets, trends, over-engineered nutritional systems, books, articles, etc. It was refreshing to see that it really just comes down to a few, easy-to-manage components.

Jennifer C.

The Adaptive Nutrition Program was hands down the best thing I could have done for myself in 2016. What I got out of the program was life changing. I had no idea just how bad my eating habits were, and just how easy it could be to alter those behaviors. My coach, Erik, was awesome. He understood my pain points right away and kept me accountable to the new changes with lots of feedback and check-ins. In 6 weeks, I lost 10 pounds, even though I was eating more food, not less! The biggest change of all — changing my diet has curbed my anxiety, something I have struggled with for over a decade. And that alone has me feeling grateful to have gone through the program.

1 year ago I started crossfit at 280 lbs. Today I stepped on the scale to see 219 lbs. I've never felt this good in my life. Thank you @crossfit214 and @adaptive.nutrition for helping me get to this point.

Zac B.

Joel C.

My experience with adaptive nutrition was pretty much transformative. My grandma’s lifetime dream of getting me to eat more vegetables finally became reality! By eliminating junky foods and focusing on easy protein/carb/veggies meals, my body seems to have adapted - appropriately enough - to crave adaptive nutrition meals while completely losing my taste for junk. For me, it’s kind of revolutionary to find my taste for pizza was essentially replaced by a taste for carrots.

The program’s focus on simple food made it all very easy. Kia’s coaching was straightforward and effective. More often than not, she answered my questions before I could even ask them during our weekly discussions. For my money, the program’s effectiveness exists in part on mastering the logistics of simple but ideal daily food prep. Kia had lots of helpful advice for that and even recipes to help master those things. The meal plan app also makes things almost ridiculously easy. My goal was to get leaner but even with that goal in mind, I never felt like my workout energy level suffered one bit. Two thumbs up out of five stars! (what?)

Amanda G.

Right before contacting Tyler about Adaptive Nutrition my body was just not feeling the best, recovering properly or sleeping well. I knew it was because I let my nutrition get off track. After only three weeks of using the templates, I can say that my body and athletic performance is back to where it should be, which is really the most important thing for me as I try to prepare as much as possible for my upcoming competitions. Oh and the added bonus of having my abs back doesn’t hurt. ;)

The six-week challenge was just what I needed to get my nutrition in check. I have always followed a pretty clean diet, but I struggled with how much to eat and when. Adaptive Nutrition has (and is still) taught me how to portion out my meals properly and when to consume them based on when I train. The app is so helpful - I use it almost everyday! I look forward to seeing more changes in my physique and athletic performance as I continue to follow the programming.

Becca F.

Keely P.

I first heard about the Adaptive Nutrition Program shortly after joining Crossfit in June of 2016. I waited until January 2017 to join the Adaptive Nutrition Program because “it just wasn’t a good time” with weddings, football season, upcoming holidays and just being generally busy with life. My one regret is having not joined sooner.

Adaptive Nutrition is truly adaptive. The one-on-one coaching is fantastic and helps to keep you accountable, but also helps you to pinpoint challenges in your lifestyle that could be inhibiting your success. My coach Kia and I found that I had clinically low Vitamin D levels and that my sleep quality (along with my food choices) was greatly influencing my ability to lose weight, build muscle and perform at my best. I would have never learned that on my own. There is no guess work in it, they give you all the tools to be successful.

I have nothing but good things to say about my experience with Adaptive Nutrition. I have been able to lose body fat and gain lean muscle mass, while spending less time meal prepping than I used to. I no longer have horrible 3 pm slumps and my energy levels and mental clarity are better than they have been in years. I thought that I was eating well, but I definitely did not realize how powerful the food was I was putting into my body. I did not recognize the all over, constant inflammation taking place in my body from my food choices.  Typically, I would wake up sore and not ready to take on the next work out, but since starting with Adaptive Nutrition, I have consistently been waking up with more energy and less muscle soreness than I experienced before while also hitting PR's in the gym on my front squats, back squats, overhead squats, squat cleans and squat snatches.  Things that were challenging before just seem to require less effort, it’s a great feeling! One of the best things about Adaptive Nutrition is that once your 6 week one-on-one coaching is over, you still have access to the app they provide you so that you can continue to be successful and achieve your goals on your own. If you have any desire to be the best version of yourself that you can be (in the gym and outside of it), I would highly recommend giving Adaptive nutrition a try.  

I highly recommend the Adaptive Nutrition program. It works! You get to eat good food, and plenty of it. In fact, the biggest adjustment for me was eating that much food. The program is very easy to follow. I look better; I feel better, and my athletic performance has improved.

Tim D.

I had been playing around with my nutrition on my own, clearly without any great success. My initial goal was to become leaner while maintaining strength. I was able to do just that! My performance has increased and I have continued to hit PRs since starting Adaptive Nutrition.


Jake L.

The Adaptive Nutrition program made an immediate impact on how I felt in workouts. For a few months I had noticed lower energy and lack of that “extra gear” towards the end of workouts. Changing up the amount of and types of food I was using as fuel made a huge difference in that regard. The great information, tips, and motivation along the way helped me stay focused on what we were trying to accomplish.

Erica S.

I’ve been about 90% diligent with my meal template and in 3 weeks I dropped 6 pounds… I’m back at my “fighting weight”…just in time for Thanksgiving! I also feel good and satiated for the most part. And I’m sleeping better – which is something I’ve struggled with for a very long time. So…thanks for giving me the opportunity to try this out! I love it!

Libby W.

The best lesson I learned from Adaptive Nutrition is how important meal prepping is. It became part of my routine and was easy to grab and go which allowed me to avoid unhealthy options at work. I was surprised at how full I was and how much energy I had throughout the day when I ate the right foods at the right time. Erik even gave me some example marinades that I could use in my meal prep. Now that I know the basics, this process is something I look forward to continuing!

Bobby H.

The Adaptive Nutrition 6 week program helped me lose body fat & add noticeable lean muscle. I set new PRs in power clean & jerk, squat clean, push press, max double unders, and max CTB pull ups. I feel stronger on KBS and lighter during burpees and runs. This was a great experience across the board. It was very challenging for me to limit social events and avoid drinking, but because I actually tried it the results included better sleep, more rest and recovery, and a clear head in the mornings. One-on-one coaching was key for me. I would recommend AN to anyone interested in a nutrition plan that actually works.

I had the opportunity to begin working with Erin and the Adaptive Nutrition Program during a very unique period in my life: 7 weeks pregnant! While most women experience nausea during their first trimester, I was lucky and had none of this. What I did experience was a loss of appetite and of course, exhaustion. What I was most pleased to find is that Erin really tailored this program to me. Instead of focusing on cutting calories or food groups we focused on providing my body and my new child with as many nutrient rich foods as possible. Erin gave me coping mechanisms for cravings or food diversions. She also was able to provide me with great ideas of how to eat something even when I wasn’t hungry.

She also encouraged me to continue to stay active throughout my pregnancy. This can be done through scaling progressions that would change throughout my upcoming trimesters. My biggest takeaway from our time together, while it may sound obvious, is that despite what people tell you, you are NOT eating for 2 and you really should NOT be eating anything you want. Instead, this is a time to be conscious about what fuel you are providing yourself and your child to prepare for a successful birth.

Katelyn O.

David G.

Adaptive Nutrition changed the way I looked at how food affects performance and physical appearance. Working with the Erik in a one-on-one setting, developing goals and a plan, and continual support with weekly check ins and measurements has changed the way I use nutrition to better myself day to day. Having someone who cares as much as Erik and the Adaptive team about an athlete's progress is the best part of this program. There are a lot of nutrition companies available that offer results by using a template or overpriced metrics but the Adaptive Nutrition program is not only the best value, it is made up of a team of professionals who care and do all they can to see you reach your goals.

Well, I just finished my six weeks of adaptive nutrition with CrossFit 214 and the amazing Erin. Needless to say, it was one of the best decisions I have made in my life nutrition-wise. I feel better, I have more energy, and I’m starting to look better. There were definitely a few times (ok more than a few times) that I got extremely frustrated with numbers on the scale, but thanks to Erin and the rest of the 214 team, they reminded me that it is a slow process, and that change will take time. Over these six weeks, I have lost a total of 10.3 pounds. I certainly am not where I want to be, but I will NOT be returning to where I was before beginning this journey. I can’t thank Erin enough for everything she has done for me during this process. She has been an excellent support system, and I am truly sad to say that working with her has come to an end. This program WORKS people. Change your life in the right way once and for all!!!!


I had a great experience. For me it was educational about what, when, and how much I should be eating. I wasn’t eating close to enough calories, especially the right types of calories. Before this I was f’ing clueless.

The nutrition plan helped me improve in work too, since I started cooking breakfast every morning it has given me more energy throughout my entire day; I know that sounds simple, but going from a couple cups of coffee and maybe a granola bar to four eggs a bunch of fruit and a protein shake. It has been awesome of how much more I get done during the day.

Adam F.

I am elated. Even though I wish the numbers would have adjusted more, these photos speak volumes. Looking back at where I started almost makes me cry; I can’t believe I let myself get there, but I’m NOT going back!

A little over a year ago, I was held at gunpoint on The Katy Trail. For my cell phone, of all things. Even though I walked away physically unharmed, it messed me up for awhile. An unhealthy path is where I found myself, coping in the wrong ways while trying to find the courage to walk my dog. Not to mention, I was planning a wedding in the midst of it all. Rachel B. was someone I had met through another friend, and we found out that we lived across the street from each other, so we started hanging out here or there. I would ask her about CrossFit and she would always tell me to come check it out, and finally…I did.

Best decision EVER. The sense of community happening there is something I have never experienced. So many friendly faces, and a coaching staff that knows their stuff and is super encouraging to ALL levels. You’ve helped me achieve better physical AND mental health, and for that, I can’t thank you enough. I feel like I’m back on my feet again for the first time in awhile!

Sarrah B.

I like the idea of working to create a meal plan, and making tweaks throughout to better fit the athlete’s needs, etc. I liked how you met with Dustin and provided a print out to him of his specific recommendations (food, supplements, macros). To him and me, it showed personalization to the process, and that you took the time to really work with what he needed to improve. The fact you reached out every week with a personal email to Dustin showed you were following with his food entries, and took an interest in his success. In just a month, he has seen improvements in his cardio, his strength and I can see a difference in his face and upper body.

Jessica Y.


I am very happy with the results of participating in Adaptive Nutrition (and the continued results I expect in the future). Hogan and I identified changes I needed to make early on and almost immediately I started noticing changes. Increased energy was the first major benefit I noticed, particularly during the AMRAP WODs. This also translated to more energy throughout the day while at work and when doing my daily routine. After 2-3 weeks of participation, I noticed an acceleration in the amount of weight I am able to throw around. I am going to continue doing the things to maintain a healthy diet that I learned from Hogan and would certainly do it over again especially now knowing the benefits.

Really like the program overall and thought Hogan was a great coach. Had never really had any nutritional coaching before so getting some of the science behind macros and supplements was really helpful. Thought Hogan did a great job tracking our food logs and giving us feedback throughout the program.

The best part was seeing results at the end both in exercise performance and body composition. I had big gains in my tester workout and got my body fat down a couple percentage points. So I think that definitely helps with ongoing motivation.

Connor A.

This is the third time that I’ve participated in the nutrition program at CrossFit 214. I have had three different coaches three different times and overall, I would say that the experience has been a positive one. I like the data driven approach/culture that is used to apply to training, applied to nutrition; and the proof is in the pudding, as you can check and plot your metrics over time.

Akito S.

It taught me the best way to eat for my body. I thought I ate somewhat healthy before, but this nutrition plan really helped me analyze what I should be eating versus what I had been eating, and by the end of the month I really saw a difference in how I was feeling.

Weekly check in calls/meetings with Erin were super helpful. She had great advice and suggestions to help keep my energy up throughout the day – which was the main thing I struggled with during the program.

Keeley N.

Overall the most beneficial part of the nutrition plan was finding out what I was putting in my body. I definitely think twice now before I eat anything. My habits have definitely changed, and I make much better decisions. I’ve also found out that planning ahead is key in a healthy diet (and it saves you money which is nice). Don’t get me wrong – I miss my Whataburger among other fast and easy foods, but I know now that I am much better off without. As far as Erik is concerned, he was more than helpful anytime I needed it and I appreciate all his advice. I would definitely recommend this to anyone I know that is struggling with their diet, because this is definitely an eye opener.

Jeff T.