Shannon M.


Prior to Adaptive, I struggled with sleeping, low energy levels, and feeling drowsy at work, as well as what to eat around workout days and how much food to eat.

On Adaptive, my energy levels have skyrocketed!! Not only am I working out more, but I don’t feel dragging after. I have enough energy to last all day without feeling like I’m going to crash mid afternoon and need a nap!! Body composition has definitely improved, the before and after a are proof of that!!

My experience with Adaptive was amazing. Easy to follow steps that lead to consistency, which in turn got me amazing results!! Coaches easily accessible, friendly, and super knowledgeable!! Will definitely be continuing this lifestyle change, it was a game changer!!!

Don’t hesitate, because this program will change the way you feel, it’s life changing!!

The app makes it so easy to stay on track and easy to use.

Kia Wright