Matt R.


Before Adaptive, I was having problem building muscle, energy levels, training performance, eating enough.

Areas of improvement: Energy, Confidence, Mental Clarity, NO BLOATING, body composition is night and day!

I liken Adaptive Nutrition to a cheat code, except it's no secret. Anyone and everyone has the capacity to do this program. My biggest struggle wasn't with what to eat, but rather how to eat as much as Adaptive recommended. Make no mistake, this is no diet. This is rewiring what you think you know about healthy eating and informs you that no, you don't need to eat less, no you don't need to avoid carbs, and so on. I know of no other program that encourages you to eat more.

This program teaches you how to cook in a way that everything you eat is delicious, great for you, a massive amount, and gives you more time back by teaching you how to cook so much food in 90 minutes, rather than a full day.

My favorite part was the easy to digest lessons. Very quick, direct, and informative.

I have never performed better at the gym and, to me, $15 a month [for the app] is a steal.

I truly loved this program. It changed me in so many ways and I am such a promoter.

Kia Wright