Kayla B.

Before Adaptive, I had trouble knowing what to eat, was afraid to eat carbs and of building muscle.

Areas of improvement: Feeling healthier, less cravings, understanding a better idea of how much I should eat.

This was a really great program, especially for people who workout a lot but maybe never fueled right for their body and activity. I always felt full with my meal plan and enjoyed learning how to make healthy meals.

I also realized I was never eating enough before this! The app made it easy to not have to make a lot of decisions when it came to each meal which helped a lot. And the team was always really responsive to questions!

I would tell them to go for it! It keeps you accountable, and helps you learn how to set a foundation for eating right for your workouts/life. It's not a fad diet. It's education about learning how to properly fuel your body!

I really liked using the app, it made grocery shopping, meal prepping, etc so easy!

Kia Wright