Bobby S.

It's been extremely eye opening to see just how much difference diet can make, even if you are already in relatively good shape. I've always kind of been of the mindset that I can always outwork a bad diet. I may have gotten away from that in my 20s, but in my 30s it just doesn't work anymore.

My favorite part of this program was near the end when I started adding back in foods that I had cut out (dairy, bread, eggs, apples), but knowing how to do so in moderation and how to adjust the rest of my eating that day to accommodate the changes, especially with regards to the macronutrients. I've tried a more strict macro based diet, but I could never stick with it because it often times became too complex and too difficult to track.  It was nice to see a diet that, other than a few simple measurements, didn't concern itself with numbers. I knew if I was eating the right foods in the right amounts, the nutrients were there and the macros were covered.  Thanks again. It's a great program and I've already been recommending around the gym to anyone who asks.

Kia Wright