Megan W.


I went into this challenge Mean Girls style. You know 'I just, like really want to lose ten pounds.' What I came away with is a whole new education on eating correctly and my body personally reacts to certain foods.

I had never really put much thought or effort into eating appropriately. Either I didn't care at all what I was putting in my body (cue hefty weight gains and a midsection I was deeply ashamed of) or I had the typical vague calories in calories out mindset.

Adaptive Nutrition has helped me gain more insight and change how I view my relationship with food. I now view it as fuel for my workouts and I know that it has been the biggest factor in the improvements made in my CrossFit training. I recover so much faster and have way more stamina and endurance during long taxing WODs.

I'm excited to continue applying what I've learned from this challenge as I continue on! Plus the clear skin and the abs are a nice bonus takeaway! 😂

Kia Wright