Vatsal A.

These last two months, I have felt energy i have not felt in a very long time. Oddly, I began the challenge thinking the reason I wanted to do it was to lose a little weight (10 pounds was the goal). While I have lost 4-5 pounds since the start, I have found that the results I received that I now cherish the most have very little to do with the number of pounds I have lost.  

At the beginning it was pretty hard for me to eat as much as the program told me to. Now two months in, I find myself starving every 3-4 hours. And all my body wants is the lean meats and clean fuel that you guys have laid out. I have no cravings for any unhealthy or unproductive foods. I have what I call a natural high from the energy that exists all day throughout the day when I follow the plan.

My workout results have been the best I've seen since I started CrossFit five and half years ago. Which is crazy to think - I can do more now at the age of 37 than I could do at the age of 31 when I started. One of my goals this year was to finish all five Open workouts injury free and all of them Rx. Not only did I do that, but I achieved results and finished at scores I never thought would be possible for a former competitive athlete that is very satisfying at my age. I am leaner, never bloated, always focused, and feel amazing.

But all that said, the most important part to me is the energy I now have to focus on my kids after a long days of waking up early every morning, working out, and running my business all day. While I did this before, I clearly feel and see the difference in the focus and energy I have now throughout and at the end of the day.

Thanks again. I can't see myself changing from this lifestyle that simply started with a 6-week commitment. Your devotion to helping people live healthier lives is needed and appreciated in this world.

Kia Wright