Megan E.

I wanted to start a program that was easy to follow and didn't require me to eat a bunch of foods that were difficult to prepare. I wanted to follow a program that would be easy to follow after my first 6 weeks were over and I feel that Adaptive Nutrition was the perfect program for me. It is not full of complicated recipes but instead focuses on eating the right foods at the right time of day. This has helped me to improve in the gym and maintain better focus during the day. The biggest outcome so far that I have seen in how I feel everyday. Before my stomach was hurting constantly and having frequent headaches but that has since declined.

I had a lot of excuses before I started and this program as changed my life and the way I think about food. The app is amazing and can help make the process easier. I have been blown away by how much energy I have and how much better I feel in each workout. This has been a truly amazing experience.

Kia Wright