Jo El-Aya


It’s never the perfect time – I wanted to sign up for Adaptive for quite some time. I waited until what I thought was the ideal time for me. But as time passed, I began to feel there was never going to be a right time.

When I signed up, I was working 16 hour or 24 hour call shifts once a week in addition to a full week of shifts in residency, studying for boards, had a vacation planned with a group of friends, and I moved out of state. If you think you don’t have the time or this isn’t the right time for you, then you’ll never accomplish anything. Just sign up for Adaptive and see how it changes your life. You won’t regret it. You’ll end surprising yourself.

GERD, nausea, fatigue – I had attributed being tired, taking daily naps, and intermittent nausea to working odd hours and working a lot. I had uncontrollable acid reflux, and struggled sleeping because of persistent coughing in the evenings. I took medications, but never felt anything actually helped. I didn’t feel good about myself due to a full schedule that didn’t allow the time to CrossFit or eat well. I just overall felt crummy. Now I don’t take medication for nausea or acid reflux, I am sleeping well, and no longer take naps after every work shift.

The best part of working with Tyler was that I felt I could reach out to him with my concerns relate to my work schedule or traveling, and I knew he could come up with a resolution specifically for me.

I will continue eating as if I was still doing Adaptive, even after completing my 6 weeks, because I feel like it’s a long-term way to eat rather than something I could only do for a short period of time. Unlike other programs, the method Adaptive teaching is actually sustainable.

Kia Wright