Bill C.

To me working with a coach provided the expertise, accountability and guidance to help educate me in the shortest time possible. Like the three legged stool analogy if I had only used the application out of the gate without coaching I don’t believe my results would have been as fast and dramatic.

We were headed to the beach in six weeks and while we work out hard our work outs were not delivering everything we wanted. With the mental fog lifted and increased energy kicking in our eyes were opened beyond the body composition improvement hopes. At that point we saw the program as continuing education and not a six week challenge.

For me I have been a bit oblivious that food has such a tremendous power to deliver performance both mentally and physically. If it was in a pill that you popped five times a day you might pay a lot of money for that. But food is also about pleasure so it’s more difficult for most of us to work up the courage to change the way we eat. I like doing whatever I want. But what do you really want?

Kia Wright