Adam N.

[What would you tell someone considering working with an Adaptive Nutrition coach?] Go ahead and do it. If you’re considering it, you probably need it. Actually, I think everyone could get something out of it, and it’s an education that I wish I had much earlier in life.

If you just do what you’re told to do, you’ll see results quickly. Mine started happening in like two days, that really surprised me. I think people in the connected world have grown to expect instant gratification. This was definitely the fastest I’ve ever started seeing changes from changing the way I eat and working out more. It’s also not a diet, or a challenge, or a temporary thing. You learn it as a way to just live your life, in a healthier way.

I couldn’t believe how fast I saw pretty good amount of change. I was very surprised too at how easy it is to follow, and that once you get used to it…you really you can just continue it as an ongoing daily thing…easy. [Adaptive Nutrition] has made it easy to follow and just stick with it. 

Kia Wright