Eric W.

Excellent throughout - humans and software! Kickoff meet good to explain base principles and goals and start engagement. App very well designed and easy to use. Facebook and team points great to encourage sharing and act as route for questions / comments. Lesson content was just right to provide necessary context. All communications to group were very good balance of politeness and firmness to maintain engagement. Overall projected very committed and caring organization to customers.

[Best part of the program?] The rapid building of confidence that the company had a very well thought out program and were committed to each individual's success, i.e., trust the process - which was then executed very effectively.

I would highly recommend to rapidly implement and also learn about healthy eating. Especially if they have been struggling with weight fluctuations, matching exercise levels with diet or bloating. I would also emphasize that this is a very comprehensive and integrated approach to balance nutrition with lifestyle, i.e., you shouldn't just cherry pick one element (e.g., cut out processed foods) and expect to obtain results of full program. I'd also add that this program is a real bargain, especially considering the quality and results that can be obtained in relatively short time. I'd complement last point with trust the process and it will work.

Kia Wright