Adaptive Nutrition

Success Checklist

These are the items we run through with our private coaching clients any time progress stalls. By pinpointing one of the issues below, you'll be back on track and making progress towards your goals!

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If there's an item you cannot confidently check off, you know you've found a possible culprit!

I'm only eating foods listed in the app.
I'm eating my meals according to the timing in the app.
I'm eating my portion sizes according exactly to the amounts listed in the app. Note: After a while of using the meal plan, it's easy to get lax with the portion sizes and unwittingly eat off plan. If cooking with fats, add after cooking instead. Eating an excessive amount of veggies can also cause water retention and increase bodyweight.
I'm not drinking alcohol or drinks with calories.
I'm not eating snacks or extra food outside of the meals in the app.
I'm not trying to compensate for hunger by making my portions larger.
I'm not eating soy, gluten, corn, dairy, or eggs.
I'm not accidentally eating any of the above foods in the packaged foods I'm eating.


I'm sleeping at least 7 hours a night.

Too little sleep can trigger spikes in cortisol, increase appetite, slow metabolism, and slow growth hormone production which helps control weight.

I don't feel super stressed out.

Cortisol spikes can cause inflammation and increase appetite.

I have had my blood work recently reviewed by my nutrition coach and have no known issues.

Some medical conditions may affect weight.

I know that my medications do not interfere with my weight.

We once had a client whose oral acne medication dramatically reduced her testosterone levels, making it hard for her to both lose weight and build lean muscle. We prompted a conversation between her and her doctor, and she switched to a medication that she did much better on. Make sure that your medications aren't getting in the way of your goals.

My bowel movements are regular.

Being "backed up" can cause your weight to be artificially higher. Make sure you're going at least once a day by drinking enough water (50-75% of your weight in ounces of water), eating a cup of vegetables at each meal, and ensuring your gut is healthy, using probiotic supplements if needed.

If none of the items above are an issue, we recommend trying cutting out these foods one at a time, as some people have a sensitivity:

Nuts and nut butter

Lectins in some nuts and seeds can irritate the gut lining, causing inflammation.

White potato skins

The saponins in these can cause gut permeability.

Brown rice

The bran that remains intact around grains of brown rice can be irritating to the gut.


If you're allergic to latex, you might experience cross-reactivity when eating avocados!