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Whether you're looking to eat healthier, optimize your body composition, maximize your training performance, or get the support and guidance of your own personal nutrition coach, we have something for you!




Best for: People who want simple guidelines to both look and feel better.

If you'd like some simple guidelines on what, how much, and when you should eat for optimal health, check out our free infographic. 



Best for: People who have experience weighing and measuring food and want to optimize their body composition and training performance.

We offer the most highly customized meal plan out there. Whereas other programs only tailor your meal plan to your gender and weight, we strongly believe that age, height, and body fat percentage play important roles in what you eat as well.

Get exact portion sizes for protein, carbs, healthy fats, and veggies based on these factors, as well as your activity levels. You'll be well on your way to looking and feeling your very best!

*Please note that you should have prior experience 1) weighing and measuring food and 2) cutting out inflammatory foods to see success with the app. Without the context and reasoning behind the app that our private coaching and online challenges provide, the app can seem needlessly specific and restrictive. However we can guarantee that eating this way will change your relationship with food if you try it.

Private coaching


Best for: People who want a comprehensive understanding of their nutrition and the support of a coach.

We work with you for 8 weeks and in addition to working on your nutrition, make sure your lifestyle (sleep, stress, exercise) aligns with your goals.

This is a particularly good option for those with special concerns such as IBS, Hashimoto's, and other autoimmune disorders.


Online challenge


Best for: Those looking to improve their looks, health, and performance with some guidance and support from a coach.

Our online challenges guide you and the other challenge participants through the three phases of our program.

We first establish a solid foundation of eating habits regarding food quality, portion sizes, and meal timing. We then ease you into weighing and measuring your food, before giving you a highly specific and customized meal plan that we guarantee will help you look and feel the best you've ever felt.

It's a great way to get the support and guidance of a coach in a group format!

Private group challenge


Best for: Groups or organizations that want to make meaningful changes to their health together.

This is in a similar format to our online challenge, except that it allows you to work exclusively alongside your friends, coworkers, or gym buddies.

Making changes to your health is often easier and more fun with the support of those around you. If your group is competitive, expect this challenge to drive some particularly great results!

Not sure which one is right for you?

We're happy to discuss our offerings with you via email or phone.

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