UT Southwestern Department of Plastic Surgery 6-Week Nutrition Challenge

With all the complicated information available today it's no wonder most of us aren't quite where we want to be with our nutrition. Whether your goal is to lose weight, improve your health, or just feel better, our program will walk you through the steps to make rapid progress without any of the gimmicks. We work to build meaningful, lasting habits that will not only be powerful during the challenge, but will also help shape the way you see food to stay healthy.

Our goal is to empower every client we work with to make educated choices about their food and to feel in control of their nutrition and their body.

The Adaptive Nutrition Seminar Challenge is a six-week series of mini-lectures designed to put you in the driver's seat of your nutrition. Each week we will meet as a small group for 45-60 minutes to cover iterative habit-building steps to healthy nutrition as well as answer questions and solve individual issues. The scope of our series covers:

  • What foods to eat based on your goals
  • When to eat based on your goals
  • Exact measurements of how much to eat based on your biometrics (i.e. gender, age, height, weight, body fat percentage)
  • Access to the Adaptive Nutrition Meal Plan App
  • Guidance on meal preparation and planning
  • Individualized supplementation recommendations

We're so excited to help answer any questions you have about dieting and nutrition, and to help you crush your goals!

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