Meal Planning App

No more logging food or wasting time with tedious spreadsheets.

Our app tells you what to eat, when, and exactly how much to achieve your goals.  

  • A meal plan built for you, based not only on gender and weight, but also age, height, and body fat percentage

  • A list of optimal foods for both your body composition and long-term health

  • Our meal timing algorithm takes the guesswork out of when to eat your carbs, fats, and protein

  • Food and macronutrient intake shifts based on how long and hard you're working out, as well as what time of day, to make sure you're always recovering well and refueled for your next session

  • An integrated bodyweight log lets you easily track your progress day to day, week to week, and longer

  • Adjust your meal plan to maintain your current weight, lose weight, or build lean muscle

*Note that you should have prior experience 1) weighing and measuring food and 2) cutting out inflammatory foods to see success with the app. Without the context and reasoning behind the app that our private coaching and online challenges provide, the app can seem specific, restrictive, and even simplistic. However we guarantee that if you follow it as it's laid out, it will change your relationship with food, as we've helped hundreds of clients experience.

*Note: Our app is a web app, not a native mobile app (yet!). You do NOT need to download anything from the App Store. We will send you your web app link in a welcome email within 24 hours after purchasing, with instructions on how you can save it to your phone's home screen alongside your other apps.

Please bookmark your custom web app link once your meal plan is built!