Recommended Daily Supplements

We want to get most of our nutrients from our food instead of in pill form. However, because of modern-day food and lifestyle practices, it's not always easy.

Here are the supplements we believe can benefit everyone to keep you feeling top notch and performing optimally!

Vitamin D

  • Usually synthesized from your skin coming into contact with sunlight, we often don’t get enough naturally. Due to indoor jobs, less sun in the winter months, and even sunscreen, most of the population is sorely deficient in vitamin D.

  • Why we need it

    • Improves your immune, brain, and nervous system functions

    • Increases muscular health, reducing the incidence of pulls and tears

  • Recommended dosage

    • 5,000 IU/day in the summer

    • 10,000 IU/day in the winter

    • Any reputable brand should work well


  • One of the most common electrolytes in the body, we often do not get enough of this mineral from our food.

  • Why we need it

    • Improves insulin sensitivity

    • Improves HbA1C

    • Has a calming effect on those that are deficient, which can help with sleep

  • Recommended dosage

    • 200-400 mg/day

    • A source containing multiple forms (chelate, citrate, malate, etc) is best to aid absorption.

    • Avoid taking with calcium since it can block absorption of magnesium.

Omega 3s

  • Essential fatty acids

  • Why we need it

    • Highly anti-inflammatory

    • Improves cardiovascular health

    • Improves brain function

    • Aids in reduction of exercise-induced muscle soreness

  • Recommended dosage

    • A dose of 3-6 g/day of combined EPA and DHA spaced throughout the day

    • Store it in a cool place away from sunlight to avoid damage

There are many options for supplementation depending on your health concern. is a great resource for researching supplements. Feel free to message us with questions about other supplements!