Post-workout shakes

It’s important to have your post-workout shake within 20 minutes of the end of your workout, otherwise your body will start seeking its own protein sources and tearing down the muscle you’ve just worked so hard to build up.

Post-workout carbs

Post-workout carbs should be high-glycemic index and glucose-rich, meaning they’ll rapidly raise blood sugar levels getting fuel back into the muscles quickly.

Normally a rapid blood sugar spike is undesirable, but post-workout your body will be unusually insulin-sensitive, allowing these carbs to be stored in your muscles with a smaller secretion of insulin.


  • Bananas

  • Powdered Gatorade

  • Supplements like Karbolyn or Glycofuse

Note that while fruit can qualify as a source for high-glycemic carbs a significant portion of that energy comes from fructose, not glucose. Fructose must be first processed by the liver before entering the blood stream making it less then optimal for exercise recovery. Bananas are an exception to this rule.

Post-workout protein

Whey protein in the form of a post workout shake enhances the body’s ability to process post-workout carbs, as well as stopping catabolic breakdown of tissue post workout reversing the process into anabolic rebuilding.

Whey protein is effective at starting the rebuilding process, but it does not stay in your system long, so a meal 60 minutes or less post-workout is recommended.

Note: The inflammatory proteins that exist in dairy have been processed out of whey protein, so even if you have a dairy sensitivity, whey protein should be a safe option.


  • Whey protein isolate (look for the addition of the word "isolate" to find purer forms that have less filler ingredients)

  • We trust the brands Ascent and SFH

Workout supplements

A cheap and highly-effective supplement with zero side effects, creatine is a must-have for any athlete interested in expression of strength, speed, or power. Creatine helps create more energy (or ATP) in your cells to be used during heavy lifting or high-intensity exercise.