When to Adjust Your Meal Plan

Before adjusting your meal plan, it’s important to assess how your body has responded to the initial week of eating on the "Home (Step 1)" template:

  • If you are continuing to gain or lose weight, continue to eat on Home until your weight stabilizes.

  • If your weight has stabilized and remains relatively steady (has not fluctuated more than 1-2 pounds per day for a few days), you’re ready to change.

More important than the magnitude of daily changes, it's important to assess if there's a trend to your body weight log.  Weight that continues to rise steadily while on the Home plan or is dropping steadily should cue you to not make any changes until the trend flattens out. If you're not sure, ask in the Facebook group.

If you're continuing to gain weight on the Home meal plan…

If you want to lose weight and you start gaining weight on the Home meal plan, you may be tempted to eat less. While understandable, this is actually counterproductive.

Gaining weight on the Home plan may indicate a history of under-eating, resulting in a slowed down metabolism. Without a healthy metabolism, losing weight will be exceptionally difficult. 

Continuing to eat at the Home meal plan until your weight stabilizes will help restore full metabolic function, making future attempts to lose weight far easier.

If you're continuing to lose weight on the Home meal plan…

If you’re losing weight on the Home meal plan, that may indicate a history of overeating (among other things). Effectively matching how much your body needs to how much you eat is an important first step before trying to lose weight or add lean muscle. If you're losing weight on the Home meal plan and your goal is to lose weight DO NOT change anything until your body weight trend flattens.  It's working!  Don't interrupt the progress.  

Checklist for change

Before changing your meal plan, it's also important to consider whether or not you’ve completed the following items 90% or more of the time. Not following any one of these variables can prevent you from seeing progress:

  • I have stayed on the Home meal plan for at least 1 week.

  • I have gotten all my meals in each day.

  • I have eaten according to the food options in the app.

  • I have spaced my meals out according to meal timing in the app.

  • I have gotten 7+ hours of sleep each night.

  • My body weight has been relatively consistent for the past 5+ days.