Lean Muscle & Metabolism

What does muscle have to do with metabolism?

The more lean muscle mass you have, the faster your metabolism will be.

Why? Because muscle burns calories not just during exercise but also at rest. The more muscle you have, the more calories will be burned, even when you're sedentary.

Muscle is expensive for the body to maintain. As a survival mechanism, muscle is the first thing the body gets rid of when it's not getting enough to eat. There are some tricks we can use to bypass this mechanism, but it's good to understand how it naturally works. 

Diets that restrict calories without attention to macronutrients or exercise prescription often cause loss of muscle, which is detrimental to your metabolism and ironically makes it harder to lose weight.

By getting adequate amounts of protein throughout the day, we ensure you maintain your hard-earned lean muscle mass and keep your metabolism revving. The muscle-sparing action of dietary protein is enhanced by the right amount of carbohydrate in your meals.

This is also the reason that high-intensity interval training and weightlifting are more productive forms of exercise than low intensity or steady state cardio (which is a muscle-wasting activity) when trying to lose body fat.

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