Using Your Meal Plan

Specific portion sizes

Your meal plan will now give you specific measurements for protein, starches, and healthy fats based on your biometrics.

Click the black down arrow next to the foods listed to see all of your options.

Due to different caloric densities, various foods have different serving sizes to hit the same energy content. For example, to get the same amount of carbs found in ¼ cup of rice from potatoes, you need a ½ cup of potatoes.

Please note that your food selections are NOT saved - these dropdown menus are simply to show you your options and are not used to log each food you ate at every meal.

Post-workout shake

The new running man icon represents the introduction of a post-workout shake "meal", which includes whey protein and high-glycemic index carbohydrates. Both are great for post-workout because they are quickly absorbed and help flip your body from breaking down post-workout (catabolic state) to rebuilding (anabolic state) as well as replace muscle glycogen.

Note: Whey protein is not useful as a meal replacement because of how quickly it is absorbed - it will leave you feeling hungry not long after!

Which protein powders do we recommend?

There are many high quality sources of whey protein available. We trust Ascent and SFH brands of whey protein.

Look for "whey protein isolate", as this indicates a higher percentage of actual whey protein and fewer filler ingredients.