Optional Settings

At the very bottom of the screen, you’ll see additional settings for your meal plan:

  • “View by day”: Allows you to view all meals at once, instead of one at a time. Helpful for when prepping your meals. Not that if you're viewing by day, you cannot log meal completion.

  • “View in macros”: Displays your meal plan in macros instead of serving sizes. Avoid using this setting for now. This can come in handy beyond the scope of our six weeks when you start adding back in foods not listed in the app that have more than one macro in them, e.g. Greek yogurt, which has protein, fat, AND starches. You can look at the food's nutrition label and do some math to see how it fits into your meal.

  • “Adjust goal”: This is how you set your meal plan according to your goal of either losing weight or adding muscle mass. We’ll talk about this more in week 4, but for now it's important that everyone begin on the “Home (Step 1)” template. Do not change to Weight Loss or any other option until prompted to do so. 

Why do we need to start on Home (Step 1)? I'm ready to start losing weight!

The Home setting on your meal plan is enough calories to maintain your weight, but not make any significant changes. It may seem like a lot of food if you have been inadvertently under eating, or like not enough if you've been over eating.

It's important not to skip any meals and to eat full portion sizes as recommended by the meal plan. Giving your body enough fuel is critical to repairing a possibly damaged metabolism, stoking the proverbial fire before trying to burn fat. Skipping this step will make it very challenging or impossible to lose body fat in the future.

While not everyone will experience this, it is normal for body weight to increase or decrease at this stage. If this happens, don't worry - it's normal! We will discuss how to interpret the data in your body weight log later this week.

Remember, you're making a short-term investment laying the foundation to looking and feeling great for the rest of your life.

Great job, you've made it through Lesson 5!

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