Inputting Wake Time & Activity

Wake time

After setting biometrics, back in your meal plan, at the top of the screen, you’ll see “What time did you wake up?” Setting this accurately will allow your meal plan to guide the timing of your meals according to the 3-5 hour rule as well as some flex time around your workout.

Activity level & duration

Underneath your wake time, you’ll see “Are you working out today?” You have three options:

  1. Rest or low-intensity exercise: A rest day or low-intensity exercise, like light cardio, walking, jogging, yoga, barre, and other activities that do not require many carbs to fuel, are considered a rest day. If you can carry a conversation through your workout, it is probably low-intensity.
  2. < 90 min of high-intensity exercise: If high-intensity exercise, including weightlifting, HIIT, CrossFit, and endurance training, lasts for less than 90 minutes. If you can't carry a conversation through the workout, it is high-intensity. This is the setting for a typical 60min CrossFit or HIIT class. 
  3. > 90 min of high-intensity exercise: Use this option if you're training at high intensity for a sustained duration.  Athletes completing sets of several major lifts plus conditioning work may fall into this category. If you're in the gym and working for a couple hours use this option.

Note: The meal plan automatically adjusts your portion sizes based on your activity, so don't worry if you do not currently work out at all or if you do a certain exercise program - the meal plan will work for you regardless!

Activity time of day

The last setting is “How many meals before your workout?” If you workout first thing in the morning, you would choose “0”since you'll be exercising before your first meal; if you have one meal before you workout later in the morning, you would choose “1”. Most people that work out in the evening would select the "3" options having had breakfast, early lunch, and late lunch before working out.