How much sleep is enough?

A healthy minimum is eight hours of sleep every night.

This may seem tough with demanding schedules and busy professional lives, but what you might lose in available time you more than make up for in productivity and quality of life.

You'll be able to bring more focus, mental clarity, and energy to everything you do with better rest.

For those who are training hard, recovering from injury, or have high daily demands, over 8 hours is recommended to fully recover. You'll find many elite athletes sleep 10-12 hours per night.

Do you wake up during the night?

If you’re waking up during the night, your #1 priority is to sleep through the entire night without any interruptions (tips on the next page)!

Waking up during the night makes it much harder to get high-quality, deep restful sleep.

Time after time, this has proven enough to stall weight loss for clients. Once this seemingly innocuous habit is resolved, they see improvements across the board, including in their weight log.