Keeping Things Spicy

Try new combinations and preparations

The same foods simply cut up, prepared, and combined in different ways made things new and exciting. Instead of flank steak on the grill, try it sautéed as a part of a stir fry. Instead of roasting vegetables in the oven try raw in a salad or steamed.

Discover calorie-free ways to transform your food

Experiment with different seasonings. With the rising popularity of clean eating, there are lots of brands popping up targeting bodybuilders, Paleo eaters, autoimmune dieters and more to help us make our food taste better… We like Paleo PowderFeast Mode, and Spice Cave. Not to mention Penzey’s is an all time favorite.

Adding citrus juice, garlic, or a splash of vinegar are also easy ways to completely change the flavor of your food. For example, flank steak with fresh cilantro, garlic, and lime juice can taste totally different from one seasoned with salt and pepper.

Marinades can be a great way to add flavor to proteins without adding calories from sweet sauces. Try making your own marinades where you can control the ingredients.

Cook a fancy dinner once a week

In our household, we've started cooking a "fancy" dinner on Wednesday nights. We'll look up recipes online (usually with the word "paleo" in front to help narrow things down) and check that they don't have any foods from our avoid list.

The portions may not be 100% according to plan (really just for fats - you can pretty easily measure the protein, starches, and veggies as usual), but it's a nice way to break up the week with something different.

Here's a chicken curry recipe we recently tried that we loved! Give it a shot!

Reintroduce foods

If you're a seasoned pro with our meal plan at this point, feel free to allow some wiggle room for things that were off limits during your first six weeks.

  • Dried fruit and seeds to give salads some sweetness and crunch

  • Greek yogurt if tolerated (pay attention to your stomach!)

  • Crunchy snacks like rice cakes, rice crackers, plantain chips

  • Fruit (if aiming to maintain weight or add lean muscle mass)

Find restaurants and meal prep services that work with your meal plan

While not a good idea for every meal, every once in a while it's nice to have someone else do the cooking! Finding a restaurant or meal prep service that works with your meal plan offers a nice break from the kitchen.

There are tons of great meal prep services out there, many of which give you the option to exclude allergens, such as nuts, dairy, and gluten. Check out services like TerritorySnap KitchenBlue Apron, or HelloFresh.

Chat with your foodie friends

We like talking about food and so do our friends. We've gotten some of the best recipes and found some of our favorite restaurants from conversations with them.

It's always helpful to see what others are cooking up, so we encourage you to post photos of your meals and tag @adaptive.nutrition!

Browse our recipes page

Don't forget about out our recipes page to help make your next week's meal prep delicious! If you find a recipe that you love, please share it with us!

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