Measuring Progress

  • Marking meals as on- or off-plan. Log meals as either on- or off-plan in the app using the green and red buttons respectively.  This helps build new habits around food and tracks consistency.

  • Logging daily bodyweight. While not the most important metric of success, bodyweight is a great indication of how your body is responding to the meal plan and whether adjustments need to be made. Weigh yourself first thing in the morning after going to the bathroom. If traveling, ask the hotel's front desk for a scale.

  • Taking before and after photos. Changes in the way you look are not always reflected by the scale. Your body composition can change dramatically while your weight stays the same.

  • Measuring sleep quality and duration. It can be easy to accidentally fudge numbers when self-reporting, but data is hard to argue with! Use the Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock app over the next 6 weeks to measure your sleep quality and duration. Since sleep is such an important part of health and weight loss/gaining lean muscle, we track it to make sure your sleep habits are aligned with your goals.

  • Observing changes in energy, mood, complexion, bloat, etc. Tune into how you're feeling throughout the 6 weeks. Are you relying less on caffeine? Feeling less bloated after meals? Take note of these improvements that affect your quality of life!