The Secrets of All-Day Energy


Let’s be honest, most of us are no stranger to the afternoon slump.

That time of the day, usually an hour or two after lunch, where your energy takes an inconvenient nosedive prompting a hustle to the coffee maker and a remarkable slow down of just about everything productive.

What if you could blow through that afternoon rut riding high on a wave of natural energy?

The secret is easier than you might think.

First, a little primer on why your energy is tanking in the first place. Most of us are familiar with the concept of blood sugar. If our blood sugar gets high we feel great, but only temporarily.

As with most things that go up, it must eventually come down, and that’s where we run into energy issues. Any significant disruption in blood sugar levels can dramatically effect your energy, perception of wakefulness, and even cause symptoms like “brain fog” since your brain can only run on glucose. So how do we keep our blood sugar nice and steady?

Here are three quick tips:

First, eat a healthy lunch with some protein, healthy fats, and fruits or vegetables. This mix of real food has way of balancing your blood sugar and keeping your digestive system happy in ways other shortcuts can’t.

As an added benefit this combination will keep you satiated and stave off the hunger pains that lead to snacking. Also avoid carb heavy meals like sandwiches, pasta, or snacks like granola bars.

Second, cut out sweets and sugary snacks. Any sweet snacks are your enemy. They send your blood sugar soaring quickly making you feel like a rockstar only to come crashing down soon after.

The high isn’t worth the low. A pronounced blood sugar spike, like those caused by candy, pastries, or even energy bars, is guaranteed to be followed by a huge dip in not only blood sugar but also energy levels.

Lastly, and here’s the secret, schedule in another small meal mid afternoon. Around 3pm tends to work well for most people. This not only gives you a chance for a break to rest your brain but also will amp up your energy for the evening push of the workday.

Make this meal look similar to your earlier lunch: protein, healthy fats, and some veggies are great. You can even add in a piece of fruit for some natural sweetness.

Instead of wallowing in metabolic shutdown your body will rev from the extra energy pushing your productivity back up to peak levels.

Master controlling your blood sugar and you’ve not only enhanced your all-day energy but we’re willing to bet you lose a few pounds in the process.


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