Are you getting enough Vitamin T?

Medical professionals have long used blood testing to get a look “under the hood” of our bodies to assess health and risk factors. But what about how we FEEL? No marker is a better barometer for quality of life than a man’s total testosterone number. (Ladies, testosterone is important for you too, but this post is specifically for the fellas.)

When I mention testosterone, I see some people narrow their eyes as their brains swim with images of professional athletes and muscle-bound bodybuilders. Nothing could be further from the truth. Are you a normal guy that wants to feel awesome and look good in your board shorts?  You need to know about testosterone.  

A better level of testosterone will improve your body’s ability to heal, increase muscle growth and preservation, improve libido (and as a result improve your relationship), dramatically improve mood and confidence, as well as provide a substantial increase in energy.

So what can destroy a man’s testosterone levels?

  • Sustained psychological stress from work, relationships, etc.

  • Poor nutrition (lack of veggies, too few carbs, wrong kinds of fats)

  • Insufficient or poor quality sleep

  • High volume aerobic training (Ironmans, marathon training, etc)

What does a guy do to get his mojo back?  

  • Get blood work done. Visit your doctor so you know where you’re starting.

  • Chill out. Meditate, relax, and learn to manage stress.  If you know you have to endure stress for a significant time period supplement with some adaptogens to manage cortisol.  

  • Eat more veggies, eat enough carbs to fuel your activity level, and eat healthy fats!

  • Go the f#&k to sleep. In high powered professional circles being able to go without sleep is seen as tough and macho. WRONG. That’s how you end up fat, tired, and disappointing in the sack.  

  • Get a tan. Sunlight is converted by our skin to vitamin D, which is important in the production of hormones. If you don’t get enough sun to have a light tan, then supplement with 5000-10,000 IU a day. A blood test would be a good idea. Your doc can help.

  • Keep workouts hard and fast. Go short and intense vs long and slow. Lift weights…HEAVY weights. Sprint, lift, and throw, and jump.  

If you’re off track in some or all of the bullets above, take some ownership of the body you’re living in. It often doesn’t take outlandish changes in routine to net some dramatic improvements in quality of life. By taking care of your testosterone levels, you’ll find your mood, libido, athletic performance, and body composition start tracking in the right direction.

Tyler Nicholson