App Tutorial: Lesson 7

Challenges & Support


No one said eating healthy was easy! But remember the reward is more than worth the effort. Here are few obstacles you might encounter on your journey towards a healthier, better you: 

Social pressure

People don’t make fun of those who eat donuts, pizza, and whipped cream out of the can...but they always seem to make fun of anyone who is trying to eat healthy!

You will probably get flack from friends and coworkers. You will probably be tempted to eat out and drink with friends. Just remember that no one with abs eats/drinks the way they do.

Oh no! I don’t have any food prepped!

We’ve all been there! Having emergency foods on hand can help you in situations you don’t have your meals prepped.

Have a stash of jerky, nuts, nut butter packets, or plantain chips at your office, and keep no-prep items in your fridge, such as salad greens, rotisserie chicken, and frozen veggies. For more ideas, visit our recipes page.

Dealing with cravings

  • Instead of soda, try sparkling water.

  • To fight off sweets cravings, eat pickles or carrots.

  • To fight off hunger, try chewing gum.

The cravings WILL subside!

When you’re constantly feeding your body hyper-palatable (foods purposely loaded with sugar, salt, or fat to keep you buying more), you form an addiction.

Eat clean and within 2-3 weeks you’ll find yourself over the withdrawals.

A word on off-plan foods…

We prefer not to label foods as “good” or “bad” - it’s all about learning how foods make you feel. What’s healthy for one person may be bad for another (e.g. Greek yogurt), so we encourage you to stick to the foods in the app for six weeks before reintroducing foods off-plan; this approach will make it much clearer how those foods affect your energy, mood, skin, stomach, etc.

The goal of the program is to better understand how food affects how you feel and look.

How do I do not go completely off the rails on vacation?

  • Strike a balance. Eat roughly according to week 1 guidelines, but also enjoy yourself!

  • Know thyself. We know certain indulgences will make us feel better than others, so we tend to stick to certain “fun foods” - for example, a couple pastries will make me foggy-headed the rest of the day, but ice-cream leaves me feeling okay!

  • Eat in! Whenever we are staying somewhere with a kitchen or grill, we like to cook dinner ourselves. We usually end up creating a new recipe, and it saves some money on eating out too!

I’m losing motivation… How do I stay on track?

At some point or another, you might find yourself losing steam, or maybe you have a string of back-to-back vacations, client dinners, and birthday parties that seem determined to derail your progress!

In those times, we like to remember why we care about eating healthy, how much more energy we have, how much more mentally clear we feel, how much better our workouts are, how well our clothes fit... Whatever your “why” is, write that down and come back to it whenever you find yourself getting off track.


Getting Support

If you have any questions about how to use the app, please reach out to us! We're dedicated to providing you with both the tools and the knowledge to help you reach your goals. If you do have questions, make sure you've been logging your bodyweight so we have data to base our discussion on.

Making lasting changes to your eating habits can be hard to do alone. If you think you'd see more success with the guidance and support of a coach, check out our private coaching program. We've guided many clients to their goals!


Happy eating!

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