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The App

Looking for that next level of training performance and body composition?

Our app was designed to make it as easy as possible for you to look and perform your absolute best.

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What Makes This Meal Plan Different?

Mobile-Friendly App

Our mobile-friendly app makes it easy to access your meal plan on the go. No more messy spreadsheets or logbooks. Know what to eat at a glance.


Nutrition has far-reaching effects. Our clients have seen disappearances in panic attacks, irritability, headaches, bloat, social anxiety, under-eye dark circles, and much more.

Easy to Use

No need to log your food, track macronutrients, or count calories. Simply use the bodyweight log to ensure you're seeing measurable results.

Look AND Feel Your Best

Learn how meal timing, portions, and food quality can reduce inflammation, optimize health, and improve workout performance.

Sustainable Results

This isn't a crash diet or a 21-day cleanse. Give your body what it needs so that you look and feel great for life.

Expert Support

Feel stuck? Message us and we'll ensure you keep seeing progress.


Take a Look!

As users of the app ourselves, we are constantly looking for ways to make healthy eating easier.

Gives Optimal Meal Timing

Input what time you wake up to see how to space your meals for even energy throughout the day.

Adjusts Portions According to Your Workout

Input how long and when you exercise, and your meal plan will automatically adjust the amount of carbs and fat to have and when, allowing you to both look and perform your best.

Keeps Things Simple

Don’t worry about logging food or counting macros or calories - we do all the math for you. Simply track your meal completion and weight to ensure consistency and results.

Adjusts to Your Goal

Lose weight, add lean muscle mass, or optimize your performance and body composition. Lose weight includes a reverse dieting process to prevent rebounding to your initial weight.

Includes Helpful Resources

Includes our ever-growing recipes page for ideas on how to meal prep quickly, efficiently, and tastily, as well as other helpful resources like instructions for how to move past plateaus.


The app is AMAZING. Definitely two thumbs up on the ease of use.

— Logan F.

I have never performed better at the gym and, to me, $15 a month is a steal.

— Matt R.

The app made it easy to not have to make a lot of decisions when it came to each meal, which helped a lot. It made grocery shopping, meal prepping, etc so easy!

— Kayla B.

I love the app because it help me to create a routine.

— Flavia D.


Client Experiences

After only three weeks of using the templates, I can say that my body and athletic performance is back to where it should be, which is really the most important thing for me as I try to prepare as much as possible for my upcoming competitions. Oh and the added bonus of having my abs back doesn’t hurt. ;)

— Amanda G.


I’ve been about 90% diligent with my meal template and in 3 weeks I dropped 6 pounds… I’m back at my “fighting weight”…just in time for Thanksgiving! I also feel good and satiated for the most part. And I’m sleeping better – which is something I’ve struggled with for a very long time. So…thanks for giving me the opportunity to try this out! I love it!

— Erica S.


Why We Created It

A few years ago, we were a couple of decently fit people looking to dial into our nutrition to lean out, while still feeling good and performing well in the gym.

We experimented with the Paleo diet, the bodybuilding diet, carb cycling, etc. To complicate matters, we also had food sensitivities to take into consideration.

We'd lose weight and see success for a few weeks, but eventually feel foggy-headed, tired, weaker, or all of the above. Some of these plans were hard to use and didn't offer support for when you felt stuck.

So we decided to create this app, which provides a sustainable meal plan that will help you not only look, but feel and perform your best - not for a few weeks or months, but for life.

It's centered around anti-inflammatory foods to help heal your gut and address health concerns that might upon first glance seem unrelated to food.

It's packaged in a way that makes it easy to know what to eat a glance and on the go, and doesn’t require logging everything you ate, counting calories, or tracking macros.

We are dedicated to ensuring success for our clients and make ourselves readily available for questions and guidance. As users of the app ourselves, we are constantly looking for ways we can make it even better.

We hope it helps you as much as it helps us!

Kia & Tyler


Are You Ready?

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