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Already eating healthy and counting macros, but looking for that next level of training performance and body composition? Our app was designed to help you look and perform your absolute best.

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Get a meal plan custom fit to your biometrics, including gender, age, height, bodyweight, and body fat percentage

Macronutrients are shown in grams, as well as real food quantities (ounces, cups, teaspoons)

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Lean out or add muscle mass using three levels of cut, three levels of bulk, and a maintenance template

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Learn which foods are best to eat to optimize health and performance

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Log your bodyweight to make sure you're on track

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Mobile-friendly app makes accessing your meal plan easy



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Know what to eat based on training schedule & volume

Choose your training intensity and time. Your meal plan will automatically adjust the amount and timing of protein, fat, and carbs.


Reach your goals in the most efficient way

Lean out or add muscle mass by choosing from 3 different levels of cut and bulk


Easily read food measurements

No more messy conversions! View food measurements in either ounces/cups/teaspoons or macros.


Learn the best foods to eat to reach your health & fitness goals

Check out the foods we recommend for the best results


Ensure you're making progress

We are all about measureable results. Track your bodyweight to make sure you are seeing progress. If you're trying to lean out or add mass and eating according to the meal plan, but not seeing a difference in weight, it might be time to adjust the cut/bulk template you are on.



Client Experiences

Right before contacting Tyler about Adaptive Nutrition my body was just not feeling the best, recovering properly or sleeping well. I knew it was because I let my nutrition get off track. After only three weeks of using the templates, I can say that my body and athletic performance is back to where it should be Which is really the most important thing for me as I try to prepare as much as possible for my upcoming competitions. Oh and the added bonus of having my abs back doesn’t hurt;)

– Amanda G.

I’ve been about 90% diligent with my meal template and in 3 weeks I dropped 6 pounds… I’m back at my “fighting weight”…just in time for Thanksgiving! I also feel good and satiated for the most part. And I’m sleeping better – which is something I’ve struggled with for a very long time. So…thanks for giving me the opportunity to try this out! I love it!

– Erica S.


Get your meal plan for only $19/month.

Includes an initial phone consult to learn how to use the meal plan and ensure that you see results!

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