Adaptive Nutrition

Make your athletes better, stronger, faster

As a gym owner, you have many responsibilities and are constantly pulled in a million directions. While you realize the importance of your athletes' nutrition, you probably don't have the time to run a full-on nutrition program. We're here to help!


Improve athlete performance

Improve your athletes' performance, recovery, health, and confidence by guiding their nutrition

Strengthen community

Strengthen your gym community by having athletes team up and support each other through the challenge

Earn some extra money

Earn 50% on each additional athlete that signs up beyond the minimum amount

Our 6-week challenge includes...

  • A 2-hour in-person kickoff seminar covering the fundamentals of practical nutrition, including food quality, portion sizing, and meal timing
  • Emails twice a week covering topics related to nutrition and performance, including meal prep, sleep, and supplementation
  • A private Facebook group for discussion, questions, and meal prep ideas
  • Unlimited access to our coaching staff to individualize our program and address sticking points
  • Team scoring and prizes to encourage community and accountability
  • Customized meal plan app for each athlete based on their training schedule, duration, and intensity, as well as biometrics (gender, age, height, weight, body fat percentage)

What our clients say

Adaptive Nutrition changed my relationship with food. -Dana H.

This program changed my life. The app is AMAZING. -Logan F.

My experience with Adaptive Nutrition was pretty much transformative. -Joel C.

I've not seen results like this since I was 20 years old and had a hell of a lot better metabolism. -Kelsey B.

It’s not a diet, or a challenge, or a temporary thing. You learn it as a way to just live your life, in a healthier way. -Adam N.

The Adaptive Nutrition Program was hands down the best thing I could have done for myself in 2016. -Jennifer C.

I think my biggest take away was really that I *finally* know how to lose weight. -Sarah W.

...the thoroughness and emphasis on “why” is a great way to set someone up for continued success after the six weeks. -John M.

I began to see results not just in my physical appearance or how my clothes fit but also in my workouts; they began to feel better, more efficient, and more productive. -Lizzie H.

The support provided by the Adaptive Nutrition team was amazing. -John L.


We'd love to work with you. Shoot us a message if you're interested in providing your athletes with the best nutrition program.

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