Adaptive Nutrition

What makes this nutrition plan different than others?


Mobile-friendly app. Our mobile-friendly app makes it easy to access your meal plan on the go and easy to know what to eat at a glance. No more messy spreadsheets or logbooks.


Not only look but FEEL your best. Many people don't realize that their problems can be solved by changing what foods they eat. Our clients have seen disappearances in panic attacks, headaches, stomach bloat, social anxiety, under-eye dark circles - even their dependance on coffee! This is not an "if it fits your macros" diet. We care about the quality of foods you put into your body.


Easy to use. View your meal plan in either serving sizes or macronutrient quantities. No need to look up food measurements or do messy conversions.


No more food logs. No need to log your food, track macronutrients, or count calories. Simply use the bodyweight log to ensure you're seeing measurable results and staying on track.


Includes support. Feel stuck? Message a coach! We're dedicated to ensuring you continue seeing progress.


Sustainable results. Ditch the plans that only give you results for 3 weeks and leave you hungry and miserable. We'll show you how to give your body what it needs so that it feels and looks great long-term.

Client Experiences


"Adaptive Nutrition has given me the tools to identify what foods make feel great. The process is simple and easy to follow." - Ryan B.

"I *finally* know how to lose weight." - Sarah W.

"Adaptive Nutrition changed my relationship with food." - Dana H.

"It’s also not a diet, or a challenge, or a temporary thing. You learn it as a way to just live your life, in a healthier way." - Adam N.

"Unlike other programs, the method Adaptive teaching is actually sustainable." - Jo E.

"I began to see results not just in my physical appearance or how my clothes fit but also in my workouts; they began to feel better, more efficient, and more productive." - Lizzie H.

"I saw results in just one week following the meal plan... The support provided by the Adaptive Nutrition team was amazing." - John L.

"My experience with Adaptive Nutrition was pretty much transformative... The meal plan app also makes things almost ridiculously easy." - Joel C.

"I feel confident I have the right knowledge to manage my nutrition on my own going forward. I'm playing the long game, and this feels very sustainable." - Chris G.


Take a look!


As users of the app ourselves, we are constantly looking for ways to make the program more effective for our users and ourselves, with an emphasis on simplicity and ease of use.

Input what time you wake up to see how to space your meals for even energy throughout the day.

Input how long and when you exercise, and your meal plan will automatically adjust the amount of carbs and fat to have and when, allowing you to both look and feel your best.

Track progress using meal completion feature and bodyweight log. No more worrying about logging food or counting calories - we do the math for you.

Lose weight or add lean muscle mass using three levels of weight loss templates, three levels of lean muscle gain templates, and a maintenance template.

Choose from foods that will keep your gut (and mind) healthy and happy!


Ready to try it out?

Only $19/month to greater health and confidence!


Why we created it


A couple of years ago, we were two health-conscious people looking to dial into our nutrition to lean out, while still feeling good and doing well in the gym. We experimented with the Paleo diet, the bodybuilding diet, carb cycling - so many things! To complicate things, we also had food sensitivities to take into consideration.

We'd lean out and see success for a few weeks, but eventually feel foggy-headed, tired, weaker, or all of the above. Some of these plans were difficult to use and didn't offer support for when you felt stuck.

So, we decided to create this mobile-friendly web app, which provides a meal plan that will help you not only look, but feel and perform your best - not for a few weeks or months, but for life. It's centered around foods that help heal your gut and address health concerns that might upon first glance seem unrelated to food. It's packaged in a way that makes it easy to know what to eat a glance and on the go.

We are as dedicated to ensuring success for our app users as we are for our private coaching clients, and make ourselves available for questions and guidance. As users of the app ourselves, we are constantly looking for ways we can make it even better.

We hope it helps you as much as it helps us!

Kia & Tyler