Our mission is to provide our clients with sustainable nutritional and lifestyle tools necessary to meet and exceed their fitness goals.

Growing up, we weren’t taught how to appropriately fuel our bodies for health and activity. As adults, different fad diets vie for our attention. We know first-hand how difficult it is to navigate all of this information to get the results we want.

Eventually, we realized it’s not rocket science…but it is science. Our goal is to teach you the fundamentals of nutrition, and help you learn sustainable habits for healthy eating. We have found what’s been proven to work for people from all different health backgrounds and fitness levels, and we are hoping to share them with you in order to help you find your success. We meet you where you are and build you up to your goals and beyond.

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Tyler Nicholson

Owner, CF-L3, CSCS

My athletic career started as a high-school and collegiate mid-distance runner, where, even at the Division I level of competition, nutrition was sadly completely overlooked. After leaving competitive running due to injury, I found CrossFit, where the paleo diet was very in vogue. The understanding at the time was that food quality, especially those foods available to our ancestors, was the sole piece of the nutrition puzzle needed to optimize body composition and performance. Enter the days of endless bacon and avocado. Eades, Sisson, Wolf, and Cordain were the champions of a well-intentioned but misguided nutritional revolution.

As the owner of CrossFit 214, we ran paleo challenges with mixed results. Some people seemed to lean out and get stronger, but others didn’t show any changes, or even went backwards gaining fat and losing performance. Frustrated with the mixed results, I started searching for alternatives.  

At the same time my girlfriend and co-founder of Adaptive Nutrition started working with a body building coach and adopted a physique competitor diet. It was very low-fat and high-carb, the antithesis of paleo. The most confusing part? She got lean and FAST. I didn’t understand what was happening and struggled to reconcile her results with all my reading on the ancestral nutrition revolution.

Fed up with the mixed results of our paleo challenges and confused by the results my girlfriend was getting, I dug into research and publications from other sources, especially those around  bodybuilding nutrition. I spent hours reverse engineering some of the most effective existing meal plans available on the market, and, after using them with my nutrition clients, found they were getting more consistent results. We learned to tweak factors that other programs had overlooked.  We tweaked our timing of macronutrients and changed critical food ratios.  These seemingly small adjustments proved to enhance both performance and body composition in ways we hadn’t seen before.  

Finally, we packaged our prescriptions in a format that eliminates the pain points of usage that cause people to drop their plan and fall off the wagon. The end result is a growing pool of happy clients with crushingly good results, along with bodies and performance that speak for themselves.


Kia Wright

Owner, Pn1

When I joined CrossFit in 2011, I was a personal trainer at my university. I was health-conscious, but I was opened to a whole new world of knowledge when I joined CrossFit and was introduced to the paleo diet. In combination with getting allergy-tested around the same time, I immediately saw improvements in my energy levels and body composition. After reading all I could about allergies and the autoimmune protocol (clearing your diet of all foods that could potentially cause negative reactions in your system), I discovered how much of an impact diet can have on skin, energy, and even mood.

As I began CrossFitting more, I found that I was growing stronger, but also getting heavier. At first, it was easy to blame CrossFit for making me the dreaded “bulky.” Not willing to give up my beloved training for aesthetic reasons, I decided to work with a figure competition coach, since they seemed to have such a grasp on achieving a desired look. I refused to believe that you could not get stronger while leaning out. I was introduced to weekly meal prep and measuring my food on a scale. Within weeks, I discovered the “bulkiness” was not coming from muscle…but was actually just extra fat! I realized I had been mistaking extra body fat for muscle bulkiness since I was getting stronger in the gym. Finally, I felt like I looked as fit as I was.

A few months down the road, I felt like my body wasn’t responding as well as it used to to the bodybuilding diet. While the abundance of carbs felt like a luxury after eating paleo for years, it was a very low-fat diet, which, after doing some research, I eventually discovered was the cause of my mental fogginess and poor sleep.

I transitioned to a nutrition company’s meal templates, which I found were awesome for achieving my body composition goals. However, even on the maintenance (no calorie deficit) plan and adding extra servings of fat, I always felt hungry and was losing strength in the gym. Without a one-on-one coach, I was unsure how to tailor the plan to my needs. In addition, the format of the templates made them frustrating to use.

In 2016 Adaptive Nutrition meal plans were born when Tyler realized he would prescribe different macros than the meal plans I was following, and I realized I could use my design and coding skills to create something much more user-friendly.

In 2017 I earned my Precision Nutrition Level 1 certification, which covers both the science of nutrition and art of nutrition coaching. I plan to work on my Level 2 certification in 2018. 

Now I finally feel like I can achieve my performance goals, while feeling healthy and looking my best. My experiences navigating food allergies, low-carb/high-fat, high-carb/low-fat diets, and balancing performance goals with body composition have made me passionate about helping make others’ journey easier. I understand the frustration in trying to figure out things like how to lean out, how many carbs to eat depending on your training that day, or how to balance cheat meals with strict dieting. It is completely possible for anyone to achieve the body they want with commitment and the right plan – we’re here to provide you with the plan!


Erik Clark

Coach, Pn1, CF-L2

Through my life I can mark changes in my health with big changes in diet. Giving up soda when I was in Jr. High school I was an introduced to how food fuels our body for performance. I went from an over weight kid to a multi sport athlete. After playing Junior Hockey and Crew in collage eating the same way was not keeping me fit or maintaining a healthy weight. It was then that I began Crossfit and was introduced to Zone and Paleo dieting. Another huge transformation in my understanding of how food can not only fuel performance but can improve all other measures of health. During this time I learned everything I could regarding how the body used nutrition for energy and metabolic processes. I began to work with athletes and ran nutrition challenges at my gym. Working with people I discovered how many challenges there can be to building a plan that works for different people and the obstacles in the way of reaching goals.

It was during this period that I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, and without the nutrition knowledge I gained, I don't believe I would be where I am today. Knowledge, nutritional knowledge can give you the ability to shape your own body and restore your own health. 

Coaching people and helping them through their nutritional journey makes me believe there is no greater feeling, then empowering someone to overcome what they have struggled with daily their entire life.