Adaptive Nutrition


Our goal is to empower people to understand the impact of their foods choices so they can live richer, longer, and more fulfilling lives.


Tyler Nicholson

Co-owner, CF-L3, CSCS

“There are very few things more impactful to an individual’s quality of life than what they eat, how much, and when. If we can teach people about food, we can lead them to a richer, more meaningful existence no matter their interests or values.” Read more

Kia Wright

Co-owner, App Developer, Precision Nutrition Level 1

“Learning to take control of your health and body is a powerful way to experience self-efficacy. Changing your relationship with food has the potential to change your life.” Read more

Erik Clark

CF-L2, Precision Nutrition Level 1

“Coaching people and helping them through their nutritional journey makes me believe there is no greater feeling than empowering someone to overcome what they have struggled with daily their entire life.” Read more

“One of the most powerful things any parent can do to protect your children against a painful lifetime of chronic disease is teach them about food.” - Tyler Nicholson, co-owner

What makes us qualified to coach nutrition?

One of the common questions we get is what qualifies us to advise people on nutrition. Why should they trust us with their body, their health, and often hard earned fitness? It's a great question and one we hope all of our clients would ask us.

The short answer is our results. We have an evidence-based approach and a strong track record of leaving our clients leaner, faster, healthier, and happier than when they came to us. We share many testimonials and transformation pictures, and will happily put potential clients in touch with past clients to hear unbiased testimony.

In a world that's combating an ever escalating epidemic of obesity and chronic disease, we've proven over and over again that we can show individuals how to take control of their body and health.

We've worked with many people to help them understand what to eat, when, and how much to achieve their goals. If we work with a client who has a medical condition, we insist on including the appropriate physicians and medical professionals.

When clients start eating according to our program, they're often taken off medications by their doctors without any prompting from us. (Examples include cholesterol, blood pressure, and sleep medications.) Poor nutrition and lack of exercise can cause any number of disease states, indicated by things like high HBA1C, high blood pressure, IBS, etc.

Removal of the root cause of a disease state has a term in medicine: It's a cure. If we cure diseases, it's purely by informing our clients how certain foods will interact with their body. We do not practice medicine, but rather hope to alleviate some of the strain on doctors, leaving their expertise to handle far more complicated conditions and situations.