Adaptive Nutrition

To look, feel, and perform your best, start with your nutrition.

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Are you ready to up your nutrition game, but not sure how? Let us help!

Give your body exactly what it needs

Learn the optimal balance of protein, carbs, and fats to eat based on your biometrics, training schedule, and training volume

Improve your mental clarity, mood, & energy

Learn how eating certain foods can improve your focus, mood, sleep, and energy levels

Approach your health holistically

Understand how lifestyle factors, such as sleep, medications, or food allergies, might be preventing progress towards your goals

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Access your meal plan from anywhere

Use our mobile-friendly app that makes it easy to access your meal plan on the go

Private Coaching


We recommend that you start with our private coaching program to build a rock solid foundation for lasting change in your eating habits.


Over the course of 6 weeks:

  • Learn how lifestyle factors, such as sleep, food allergies, or medications might be slowing or preventing your progress
  • Learn what macronutrients are and how tracking them helps you reach your training and aesthetic goals
  • Have the support and accountability of an expert nutrition coach, readily available to answer any of your nutrition questions
  • Get access to our app, fully customized to your biometrics, including gender, age, height, bodyweight, and body fat percentage

We'd love to see if we can support you on your journey to healthier eating! Sign up for a free phone consultation to see if we're a good fit for each other.


Meal Plan App

Already eating healthy and counting macros, but looking for that next level of training performance and body composition? Our app was designed to help you look and perform your absolute best.

  • Get a meal plan custom fit to your biometrics, including gender, age, height, bodyweight, and body fat percentage
  • Know exactly how much to eat based on training duration and schedule
  • Lean out or add muscle mass using three levels of cut, three levels of bulk, and a maintenance template

Coming soon...

Nutrition Crash Course

We're working on creating an online crash course that takes you through the same steps as our private coaching program. Get access to all of the knowledge you need to eat healthier, lean out, or add muscle mass, and learn at your own pace!


The Adaptive Nutrition Program was hands down the best thing I could have done for myself in 2016. What I got out of the program was life changing.
— Jennifer C.

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